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Unilateral Initiatives in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
December 3, 2012
December 3, 2012 – “Unilateral Initiatives in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict." Herbert C. Kelman Seminar...
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The End of the Digital Divide: What It Means for the Nation's Future
November 27, 2012
November 27, 2012 – The Shorenstein Center welcomed Cheryl Contee, co-founder of Jack and Jill Politics;...
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Theodore H. White Seminar
November 16, 2012
November 16, 2012 – Theodore H. White Seminar with T.H. White Lecturer David Brooks; Cynthia Tucker,...
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Theodore H. White Lecture with David Brooks
November 15, 2012
November 15, 2012 – Theodore H. White Lecture with David Brooks, columnist, The New York Times. The David...
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Politico's Mike Allen: The Role of New Media in Election Coverage
November 13, 2012
November 13, 2012 – Discussion with Mike Allen, chief political reporter for Politico, and writes the...
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The Presidential Election 2012: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
November 6, 2012
Mark McKinnon and Alex S. Jones November...
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Under Fire: Journalists in Combat
November 5, 2012
November 5, 2012 – “Under Fire: Journalists in Combat.” Herbert C. Kelman Seminar on International Conflict...
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Taking American Public Diplomacy Viral
October 25, 2012
October 25, 2012 – Discussion with David Ensor, Director of Voice of America and former CNN National...
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Google's products reflect its character, says Wired's Steven Levy
October 23, 2012
Steven Levy and Alex S. Jones. October...
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Discussion with Steve Inskeep
October 18, 2012
October 18, 2012 – Discussion with Steve Inskeep, host of NPR's Morning Edition; author of Instant City:...