Writing for Busy Readers: An in-person training session with HKS Professor Todd Rogers

September 28, 2023
4:00 – 5:15 P.M. ET
Wexner Building – W-436 Large Classroom
Practical, hands-on training for the HKS community!

Join an in-person training with HKS Professor Todd Rogers on how to write so busy people read, understand, and respond. 

Everyone is busy. That’s why we skim emails, texts, forms, documents, and nearly everything else. But we, as writers, want to get people to take actions or understand information. How do we write for attention and action?   

This in-person training session is based on Prof. Rogers new book Writing for Busy Readers.  Attendees will learn the practical cognitive science of communication, and the six actionable principles it generates.  In addition to increasing the effectiveness of our writing, these principles make our communications more equitable and kinder by being more respectful of busy readers’ time and attention.

The event is geared towards the entire Harvard community. Snacks and drinks will be provided! Registration is strongly encouraged.

Todd Rogers is coauthor of Writing for Busy Readers. He is a professor of public policy at Harvard Kennedy School, specializing in the science of effective communication. He is the faculty director of the Behavioral Insights Group, faculty chair of the executive education program Behavioral Insights and Public Policy, Senior Scientist at ideas42, and Academic Advisor at the Behavioral Insights Team. Rogers co-founded the Analyst Institute, which improves voter communications, and serves on its board. He also co-founded EveryDay Labs, which improves school-to-family communications, and is an equity holder and Chief Scientist. Rogers received his Ph.D. jointly from Harvard’s department of psychology and Harvard Business School.