Shorenstein Center faculty and faculty affiliates teach a number of courses at Harvard Kennedy School each year on communication, op-ed writing, politics and the media, data and computer science, and behavioral decision science and management.

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Study Groups

Shorenstein Center faculty and fellows periodically offer study groups for students to dive deeply into an area of academic and/or professional interest.

Spring 2023: Product and Pretzels Study Group

If you are interested in the intersection of Product Management and the public interest, this is the study group for you. We will meet three times, covering a range of topics, including (but not limited to): The great debates in product management (e.g., monetization, privacy, avoiding unintended adverse consequences), testing, product development and ethics, understanding metrics, and more.

Hosted by Kathy Pham (HKS faculty, former Google Product Manager, and a Founding Product Member of the US Digital Service), Naomi Eisenberg (MPP, HKS; MBA, Tuck) and Jukta Basu Mallik (MPA, HKS; MBA, Wharton). Product and Pretzels is part of Product and Society.