Student Funding Requests

The Shorenstein Center provides funding for student organizations, small groups, and individual students to pursue activities that are in line with the center’s mission and research agenda.

Who should fill out this form?
  • Individual HKS students (or undergraduate or graduate students affiliated with Harvard University)
  • HKS Student Groups, Organizations, or PICs
  • PhD students who are conducting work relevant to the Shorenstein Center
  • Students involved in the Shorenstein Center’s Student Media Initiative or HKS Student Policy Review (HKSSPR)

What are funding requests typically approved for?

  • Hosting expenses related to workshops and conferences
  • Conference registration fees
  • Travel expenses for relevant conferences or events
  • Research expenses for students
  • Events related to the Student Media Initiative, HKSSPR, and/or the Shorenstein Center’s mission, research agenda, or current projects

The maximum amount of funding that the center provides per year to an individual student or student group is $2,500. The average amount granted per funding request ranges between $250-$1,000.

Decisions are made based on relevance to the Shorenstein Center’s mission, research agenda, or current projects and the availability of funds. We encourage you to submit this request form as far in advance as possible.

Reminder: If you are currently affiliated with the center as a research assistant, pre- or post-doc, or doctoral student, please submit your request through your faculty PI or staff manager.

We cannot reimburse for expenses that have already been incurred, except in very specific circumstances. Please reach out directly to Nicole Dillon and Max Boland if you would like to discuss the possibility of being reimbursed.

Shorenstein Center Student Funding Request

Please fill out this form if you are a student requesting funding from the Shorenstein Center. Funding requests can be made to support student organizations, events, projects, or research.

If you are applying for funding on behalf of a student group/organization, please include the name here and a brief description below.
Describe your project, event, research, or other funding need.
The Shorenstein Center works at the intersections of media, politics, and public policy. It is a research center dedicated to increasing understanding of how people access, create, and process information, particularly as it relates to news and societal issues, and describing potential solutions to the problems facing our information ecosystem.
Please enter a number from 0 to 5000.
Please give us a ballpark figure for the total cost of the program, event, or project you are requesting funding for. If you are requesting the entire budget amount from the Shorenstein Center you should enter in the same number as above.
Please include any information about when the event will take place, the timeframe that funds will be used in, and deadlines for securing funding.
Include details like travel, materials, food, services, etc.
In most cases we cannot reimburse for already-incurred expenses.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.