Lessons from Ukraine: Disinformation and the Role of Strategic Communications in Hybrid Warfare

November 6, 2023
12:00P.M. – 1:00P.M. ET
Rubenstein Building – R-414-AB DAVID ELLWOOD DEMOCRACY LAB
Former Deputy Director of National Security Communications in the UK National Security Secretariat, Henry Collis and Shorenstein Fellow, Camilla Monckton (UK Cabinet Office) will discuss whether Ukraine is winning the information war and UK, US and European Government responses to Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference. Lunch will be provided!

Pundits repeatedly say that Ukraine is winning the information war. Is this true, and if so why and how? What does this mean for how wars are waged going forward and what does this tell us about the role of strategic communications, not just in war time but in peace time too?

Hostile state actors are leveraging existing and emerging capabilities in information manipulation to undermine global cooperation and weaken support for liberal democracy. Yet Western Government Communications structures have largely been slow to adapt to the digital age, let alone the geopolitical threats within it – leaving them and their citizens vulnerable to Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference (FIMI). What are the implications of this on democratic governance and what can be done to build resilience?

Join the Shorenstein Center for a discussion with:

  • Henry Collis, Director at the Center for Information Resilience, formerly UK National Security Secretariat
  • Camilla Monckton, Shorenstein Fellow and Head of Strategic Communications – International Engagement in the UK Cabinet Office

Lunch will be provided!