Thomas E. Patterson (HKS)

Thomas E. Patterson: Why trustworthy and relevant information has become a scarce commodity

October 27, 2014 — Thomas E. Patterson of the Shorenstein Center explores why misinformation is on the rise and what can be done. Part of a series of  essays marking the launch of the U.S. edition of The Conversation website,…

Alex Jones, director of the Shorenstein Center

Alex S. Jones: The Legacy Of Washington Post Editor Ben Bradlee

Oct. 22 2014 — Alex Jones, Director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, discussed Ben Bradlee’s legacy on WBUR’s Radio Boston. Read more…

Alex Jones, director of the Shorenstein Center

Alex S. Jones: Journalism in the Era of ISIS and Ferguson

Alex Jones, Director of the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, speaks about the dangers facing journalists both abroad in Syria and at home in places like Ferguson, Missouri. Part of the Harvard Kennedy School PolicyCast series.

Peter Hamby

First Look: HAMBYCAST!

CNN’s resident Boy on the Bus, Peter Hamby, former Joan Shorenstein Fellow, is taking viewers into the world of political campaigns through his own personal lens with the launch of [a weekly] Hambycast….In the debut episode, Hamby proves he has the best job in journalism as he cracks a beer with college football fans, like Texas Governor Rick Perry, while tailgating at the University of South Carolina. … [P]roduced in partnership by CNNPolitics and CNN Digital Studios. Continue reading…

Book Review: “Foreign Correspondent” by H.D.S. Greenway

John Maxwell Hamilton reviews the new book Foreign Correspondent by former Shorenstein Fellow H.D.S. Greenway in The Boston Globe: “In 1940, Alfred Hitchcock released a film loosely based on ‘Personal Affairs,’ the autobiography of the brilliant and colorful journalist Vincent Sheean. The film’s opening dedication apotheosized the American foreign correspondent — ‘To those intrepid ones who went across the seas to be the eyes and ears of America.’ Now we have a memoir that takes the title of Hitchcock’s film and provides a thought-provoking counterpoint to it.” Continue reading…

Obama’s Kennedy

Former Fellow Martin F. Nolan in the Boston Globe: “Five years ago, the president lost his only real friend in Congress. It was a sad day for Massachusetts, for the Democratic Party, for civility in Washington, D.C., and, most of all, a sad day for Barack Obama and his administration.” Continue reading…

Former Sun Editor Alex Jones Inducted Into Tennessee Journalism Hall Of Fame

MURFREESBORO — Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Alex S. Jones, a native of Greeneville and a former editor of The Greeneville Sun, was one of six veteran Tennessee journalists inducted Tuesday into the second class of the Tennessee Journalism Hall of Fame….

Last Call: The end of the printed newspaper

Former Visiting Murrow Lecturer Clay Shirky writes in Medium about the decline of newspapers: “If you are a journalist at a print publication, your job is in danger. Period. Time to do something about it.” Continue reading…

Susan Crawford: How a small town in Maine is saving the Internet

Former Visiting Stanton Professor Susan Crawford in Bloomberg View: “Rockport, Maine, population 3,321, is trying to solve the existential dilemma of small-town America: How do you get people like Meg Weston’s students to stick around?” Continue reading…

Michael Ignatieff: The Post-Ukraine World Order

Michael Ignatieff, Edward R. Murrow Professor of Press, Politics and Public Policy, delivered the 50th Annual Lecture at the Ditchley Foundation: The Post-Ukraine World Order.