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Harvard Magazine Features Shorenstein Center Disinformation Researchers
June 16, 2021
Dr. Joan Donovan, Shorenstein Center Research Director and Director of the Technology and Social Change Project, is featured in this month's Harvard...
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Ann Cooper on the arrest of Raman Pratasevich in Belarus
May 25, 2021
Ann Cooper was a 2020 Joan Shorenstein Fellow. She previously served as executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalists from 1998 until June...
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Covid Relief Bill Throws Lifeline to Transform Local News
March 10, 2021
A provision in the $1.9-trillion Covid-19 relief bill passed today by the House of Representatives will provide $86 billion in grants to failing multi-employer...
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What will it take to stand up again together? Start with accountability
September 14, 2020
The United States succumbed to a “cascade of crises” in the spring and summer of 2020, as the nation simultaneously grappled with a pandemic, a recession,...
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India’s TikTok Ban Dispels the Myth of the "China Bogeyman"
September 14, 2020
US tech giants like Mark Zuckerberg have long warned that heavy regulation on data collection for social media platforms like Facebook will strengthen...
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Big Tech: Regulation and Moderation
July 29, 2020
The heads of the "Big Four" tech companies – Google, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook – are testifying today in front of the House Judiciary Committee as part...
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You Purged Racists From Your Website? Great, Now Get to Work
July 28, 2020
The comment sections of social media platforms hold some of the most vitriolic outbursts of hate on the internet. Despite this, US tech giants remain...
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Protest misinformation is riding on the success of pandemic hoaxes
July 28, 2020
All it takes is a chain of misinformed retweets, reposts, or shares to start a conspiracy. While this might seem far-fetched, this habit of spreading...
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This is a Moment of Generational Change for Black People - If We Learn the Lessons of the Past
June 5, 2020
This commentary by Executive Director Setti Warren was first published in The Telegraph (UK) on June 5, 2020. We are living at a time of generational change...
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George Floyd protests highlight the deep racial disparities in the US
June 2, 2020
(This article by Shorenstein Center Executive Director Setti Warren first appeared in the UK's The Telegraph on May 31, 2020.) In February of 1968 the...
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