Yeganeh Rezaian

From Captivity to Classroom

The Harvard Gazette profiles current Joan Shorenstein Fellow Yeganeh Rezaian and her husband, Jason Rezaian, who is a Nieman Fellow; both were imprisoned in Iran. Read more. 

Michael Phillips Moskowitz

Shorenstein Center Announces Michael Phillips Moskowitz as Entrepreneurship Fellow

CAMBRIDGE, MA — The Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, located at the Harvard Kennedy School, is pleased to announce the appointment of Michael Phillips Moskowitz as the Center’s first Entrepreneurship Fellow. The newly established Entrepreneurship Fellow program…

Yavuz Baydar

Yavuz Baydar: I’m a Journalist on the Run from Erdoğan – I Have No Idea What I’ve Done.

Yavuz Baydar, fall 2014 fellow and journalist, writes about the arrest and exile of more than 100 journalists in Turkey. Read more in The Guardian. 

Marilyn Thompson

Marilyn Thompson: Hillary Clinton’s Breakout Moment at Wellesley College

Marilyn Thompson, spring 2016 fellow and national politics editor on special assignment for The Washington Post, analyzes the controversial graduation speech that launched Clinton from obscurity to national fame. Read more.

Derrick Z. Jackson: Milwaukee’s Invisible Racial Cage

Derrick Z. Jackson, fall 2016 Joan Shorenstein Fellow, writes about the conditions in Milwaukee that have contributed to unrest in the wake of a police shooting, including a lack of economic opportunity and public transportation. Read more in The Boston…

For Journalism, the Future is Now: Interview with Nicco Mele

Shorenstein Center Director Nicco Mele discusses the role of the press in this election, the state of the news business, and where the industry and the Center are headed in a new interview in the Harvard Gazette. Read more…

Nicco Mele and Marvin Kalb: How Trump Owns the Media

Nicco Mele, Shorenstein Center director and Marvin Kalb, founding director of the Center, analyze the numerous factors that led to Trump’s domination of the news and the current political climate — from changes in technology, to failing news business models,…

Melinda Henneberger: The Three Less-Noticed DNC Speeches Most Likely to Help Clinton Win

Melinda Henneberger, spring 2013 fellow and editor in chief of Roll Call, analyzes how three non-prime-time speakers at the DNC highlighted Trump’s vulnerabilities.  Read more on Roll Call. 

Renée Loth: What Good is Government?

Renée Loth, fall 2011 fellow and Boston Globe columnist, argues that conservatives have been more successful at wielding language to “frame public perceptions of issues and institutions,” resulting in the denigration of services the government provides. Read more in The…

John Huey: The Fall of Roger Ailes

John Huey, spring 2013 fellow and former editor of Fortune and editor-in-chief of Time Inc., writes about Roger Ailes’ impact on Fox News, his relationships with employees, and what may lie ahead for the network. Read more on Yahoo.