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“Alt-Lite” Bloggers and the Conservative Ecosystem

February 20, 2018, 9:30 am
By Tyler Bridges, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (fall 2017), Reporter, The New Orleans Advocate
Twitter: @tegbridges

Introduction This research paper examines the important role that “alt-lite” bloggers play in promoting, amplifying, and fortifying Donald Trump’s anti-establishment message to his conservative supporters. Counter-Narratives from the Right The big news was released early that morning, and it was…

Political Journalism in a Populist Age

December 11, 2017, 9:00 am
Claes H. de Vreese, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (fall 2017) and Professor and Chair of Political Communication at the University of Amsterdam

A new paper by Claes H. de Vreese, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (fall 2017) and Professor and Chair of Political Communication at the University of Amsterdam, provides an overview of the types and causes of populist movements. He offers 10 tips…

The Dream is Dead: Can Taxpayer Money Save Presidential Campaigns?

May 27, 2016, 6:00 am
By Marilyn W. Thompson

A new paper by Marilyn W. Thompson, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (spring 2016) and former deputy editor of POLITICO, chronicles the rise and fall of the Presidential Election Campaign Fund, and explores whether the fund could still provide a viable way…

Nature’s Prophet: Bill McKibben as Journalist, Public Intellectual and Activist

March 7, 2013, 9:58 am
By Matthew C. Nisbet

A paper by Fall 2012 Fellow Matthew C. Nisbet examines the impact of “knowledge journalism” on the climate change debate.

The Role of Georgia’s Media — and Western Aid — in the Rose Revolution

January 1, 2006, 3:23 pm
By David Anable

A paper by David Anable, fall 2005 fellow, examines the role of the Georgian media in the country’s Rose Revolution and the impact that Western media development aid played in enabling this to occur. It also looks at what has…

Strategic Public Relations, Sweatshops, and the Making of a Global Movement

January 1, 2000, 10:56 am
By B.J. Bullert

A paper by B.J. Bullert, fall 1999 fellow, examines communication tactics used by activists against multinational corporations. The 1999 World Trade Organization protests in Seattle succeeded in linking labor, environmental concerns and human rights to the WTO, resulting in a…

The Role of the News Media in Unequal Political Conflicts: From the Intifada to the Gulf War and Back Again

June 1, 1993, 12:00 pm
By Gadi Wolfsfeld

A paper by Gadi Wolfsfeld, fall 1992 fellow, develops and applies a theoretical model to analyze the role of the news media in political conflicts, particularly unequal conflicts in the Middle East. Under what conditions are the news media most…

Turmoil at Tiananmen: A Study of U.S. Press Coverage of the Beijing Spring of 1989

June 1, 1992, 12:00 pm

This report by the Shorenstein Center explores the U.S. media coverage of the 1989 Beijing Spring. Although the U.S. was not directly involved in the events that took place, media coverage made Americans deeply involved in them. Among the “firsts”…

Lies in Ink, Truth in Blood: The Role and Impact of the Chinese Media During the Beijing Spring of ‘89

August 1, 1990, 12:00 pm
By Linda Jakobson

A paper by Linda Jakobson, spring 1990 fellow, focuses on Chinese press coverage of the student-led Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. For this paper, Jakobson interviewed dozens of Chinese journalists, scholars and other observers, read and watched Chinese press coverage,…

Window to the West: How Television from the Federal Republic Influenced Events in East Germany

July 1, 1990, 12:00 pm
By Dieter Buhl

A paper by Dieter Buhl, spring 1990 fellow, examines how television from West Germany influenced political developments in East Germany in the 1980s. Buhl’s study suggests that television functioned on at least two levels leading up to the fall of…