Fall 2016 Fellows

Shorenstein Center Announces Fall 2016 Fellows

CAMBRIDGE, MA — The Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy, located at the Harvard Kennedy School, is pleased to announce the appointment of its fall 2016 fellows. “In the midst of a rapidly changing media, politics and policy environment…

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy: The Debates Gave Donald Trump the Nomination, and It’s the Media’s Fault

July 12, 2016 — Dan Kennedy, spring 2016 fellow and associate professor of journalism at Northeastern University, criticizes the Republican debates as “an exercise in faux democracy,” owing to their organization and presentation of the candidates. Read more in The…

Trudy Lieberman

Trudy Lieberman: How IBT’s Reporting Is Driving a Controversy over a Major Healthcare Merger in Connecticut

July 7, 2016 — Trudy Lieberman, spring 2001 fellow and press critic for Columbia Journalism Review, writes about how the International Business Times uncovered a conflict of interest in the state’s review of a proposed merger of Anthem and Cigna. Read…

Renee Loth

Renée Loth: Women Voters Can Send a Message to Trump

June 27, 2016 — Renée Loth, fall 2011 fellow and Boston Globe columnist, argues that in an election year with “a gender gap of historic proportions,” women will be pivotal not only in choosing the next president, but in rejecting the…

Matthew Nisbet: How Public Opinion Has Shifted on Climate Change and Why

June 22, 2016 — Matthew Nisbet, fall 2012 fellow and Northeastern University communication professor, discussed public opinion on climate change on “The Diane Rehm Show.” Listen to the show at WAMU.

Bob Schieffer: Clinton’s Likely Nomination as Woman Is “a Moment”

June 8, 2016 — Bob Schieffer, Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow, discusses the momentous occasion of a woman receiving the presidential nomination for a major party for the first time. Read more at CBS New York. 

Bill Buzenberg: Why We Shouldn’t Call Trump an “Ignorant Bully” (Even When We Really Want To)

June 1, 2016 — Bill Buzenberg, spring 2015 fellow and vice president of strategic initiatives for Yes! Magazine, argues that Trump’s “name-calling is a surefire, free way to make headline news,” while debasing dialogue and reasoned debate. Read more in Yes!…

Judy Woodruff: The High Art – and Power – of Political Stagecraft in the Age of Optics

May 30, 2016 — Judy Woodruff, fall 2005 fellow and PBS NewsHour anchor, leads a conversation about how visuals can make or break a given political campaign, press conference or White House event, with former White House aide Josh King….

Jill Dougherty: Where Hiroshima Could Happen Again

May 27, 2016 — Jill Dougherty, spring 2014 fellow and former foreign affairs correspondent for CNN, writes that the nuclear threat may be back, as evidenced by Russian TV broadcasts about nuclear submarines and warnings that “Russia could turn America into…

Fred Wertheimer: Eight Lessons We’ve Learned about Money in Politics This Election

May 26, 2016 — Fred Wertheimer, fall 1996 fellow and president of Democracy 21, writes about the volume of money spent in the election cycle so far, the power of small online contributions and other key developments. Read more on The…