David Nyhan Prize

The Shorenstein Center annually awards the David Nyhan Prize for Political Journalism to a journalist who embodies Nyhan’s commitment to political coverage and challenging powerful individuals and institutions. The prize is made possible by the generosity of many donors.

Gary Younge receives Nyhan Award

Gary Younge, author, broadcaster and columnist for The Guardian, receives the 2015 David Nyhan Prize.


The Nyhan Prize for Political Journalism is presented at the annual Theodore H. White Lecture on Press and Politics. Videos and transcripts are available below.

2015: Gary Younge: Learn moretranscriptvideo
David Rogers: Learn more; transcript; video
2013: Leonard Pitts Jr.: Learn more; transcriptvideo
2012: Cynthia Tucker: Learn more; transcriptvideo
2011: Thomas Frank: Learn more; transcript; video
2010: William Greider: Learn more; transcript; audio; video
2009: Nat Hentoff: Learn more; transcript; video
2008: Bob Herbert: Learn more; transcript; video
2007: Dana Priest: Learn more; transcript; video
2006: Molly Ivins: Learn more; transcript; video
2005: David Willman: Learn more; transcript; video

About David Nyhan

David NyhanFor 30 years Nyhan was a columnist and reporter at the Boston Globe. A graduate of Harvard College and a Shorenstein fellow in the spring of 2001, Nyhan was a regular participant in Shorenstein Center activities before, during, and after his fellowship. Nyhan died unexpectedly in early 2005. In his eulogy, Senator Edward Kennedy said of him, “Dave was a man of amazing talent, but most of all he was a man of the people who never forgot his roots. . . . In so many ways, but especially in the daily example of his own extraordinary life, Dave was the conscience of his community.” The hallmark of Nyhan’s brand of journalism was the courage to champion unpopular causes and challenge the powerful with relentless reporting and brave eloquence.