Policy & Issues Research

Lies in Ink, Truth in Blood: The Role and Impact of the Chinese Media During the Beijing Spring of ‘89

August 1, 1990, 12:00 pm
By Linda Jakobson

A paper by Linda Jakobson, spring 1990 fellow, focuses on Chinese press coverage of the student-led Tiananmen Square protests in 1989. For this paper, Jakobson interviewed dozens of Chinese journalists, scholars and other observers, read and watched Chinese press coverage,…

Window to the West: How Television from the Federal Republic Influenced Events in East Germany

July 1, 1990, 12:00 pm
By Dieter Buhl

A paper by Dieter Buhl, spring 1990 fellow, examines how television from West Germany influenced political developments in East Germany in the 1980s. Buhl’s study suggests that television functioned on at least two levels leading up to the fall of…

Tritium and the Times: How the Nuclear Weapons-Production Scandal Became a National Story

May 1, 1990, 12:00 pm
By William Lanouette

A paper by William Lanouette, spring-fall 1988 fellow, provides a case study on the role of the press in nuclear weapons policy. For more than a decade, pieces of a nationwide scandal had surfaced from the vast and sprawling system…