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Tech Policy

A handful of large digital platforms dominate the public space online. Every day, these platforms make decisions on a range of issues that affect the public sphere—including misinformation, hate speech, and digital advertising. The world’s leading technology firms – most of which are U.S. companies – today operate in a largely unregulated environment. The Shorenstein Center is bringing research-based thinking around the challenge of tech regulation to policy makers through writing, convenings, and expert testimony.

Related Shorenstein Center Projects

The Democracy and Internet Governance Initiative (DIGI) is a research effort that examines the role of digital platforms in society, their governance structures, and their impact. Through convenings, workshops, and interviews, the DIGI project aims to foster a dialogue on societal issues related to digital platforms to promote public purpose. 

The Public Interest Tech Lab offers scholars and future leaders practical technology tools and experience, to help reimagine how technology can be used by governments and civil society for public good.

The Computational Policy Lab, led by Dr. Sharad Goel, uses technology to tackle pressing issues in criminal justice, education, voting rights, and beyond. They study the impact of policy choices at unprecedented scales, and build algorithmic tools to guide high-stakes policy decisions. 


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