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The journalism industry has been in crisis for decades, with serious implications for democratic societies. How can local news be fortified, and working journalists given the tools they need to spread good information that reaches everyone and bolsters democracy?

The Shorenstein Center works on the local news crisis from several angles – helping to serve as a “research desk” for local journalists who are often stretched too thin to become subject matter experts in their beats; studying successful models for raising funds and building sustainable newsrooms in the current environment; and pursuing a multi-disciplinary study of what is working and not working in local news, and ways to address these multipronged challenges. 

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The Journalist’s Resource is a news publication aimed at bridging the gap between journalism and academia, with the goal of getting more high-quality research into the media stream.

The Public Interest Tech Lab

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Local newspaper
News Sustainability: As old business models for local news have become unsustainable, a multi-pronged effort to understand how to make news accessible, applicable, and sustainable for all communities is needed. The Shorenstein Center’s News Sustainability research is tackling this with a wide lens on how to support democracy through vital local news.


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