Fall 2006

Past Fellows and Visiting Faculty

Fall 2006 Fellows

Jill CarrollCabot Fellow Jill Carroll is a staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor. From October 2003 through May 2004, Ms. Carroll lived in Iraq freelancing for various publications and covering daily news for Ansa, an Italian newswire. She returned to Baghdad in January 2005 and began working for the Christian Science Monitor. Before obtaining her current position, Ms. Carroll worked for the States News Service, Wall Street Journal, and Jordan Times covering various topics including the FCC, higher education, health, sports, and business. Ms. Carroll graduated from the University of Massachusetts with a B.A. in journalism in 1999. Her research project will be an analysis of the decline of foreign bureaus in the wake of changes in the newspaper industry.  Paper PDF

Garance Franke-RutaGarance Franke-Ruta is a senior editor at The American Prospect, where she covers electoral politics and blogs for the magazine’s group blog, Tapped. She was previously a senior writer and news editor at City Paper, Washington D.C.’s alternative weekly newspaper. In 2004-2005, Garance was a Security and Liberty Post-9/11 fellow with the University of Southern California’s Institute for Justice and Journalism. Her work has also appeared in The Washington Monthly, The New Republic, Salon and National Journal among other publications. Born in the south of France, Garance was raised in Mexico, New Mexico and New York City. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College in 1997. Her research will examine the representation of women in opinion journalism.

William PowersWilliam Powers is the media critic for National Journal magazine, a weekly in Washington, D.C. He was previously a staff writer for The Washington Post, a columnist for The New Republic and a U.S. Senate aide. His writing has also appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, the Los Angeles Times and many other publications. He is two-time winner of the National Press Club’s Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism. His research at the Shorenstein Center will focus on “The death of paper” and its implications for media content.  Paper PDF


Allan M. SiegalAllan M. Siegal, Edelman Family Fellow, completed his career with the New York Times in 2006 after more than 45 years of service. Upon his retirement, he was the Times‘ assistant managing editor and standards editor. In response to the Times‘ 2003 Jayson Blair scandal, Mr. Siegal headed an investigative committee that recommended measures to prevent a recurrence. He also directed a task force which studied the Times‘ credibility and accomplishments. A juror for the Pulitzer Prizes in 1988 and 1989, Mr. Siegal was a member of the 1971 editing team that produced the Times‘ Pulitzer Prize winning coverage of the Pentagon Papers. In 1999 Mr. Siegal co-authored the New York Times Manual of Style and Usage with William G. Connolly. He will examine cases of the press treatment of national security information since World War II.  Paper PDF

Fall 2006 Visiting Faculty

Matthew A. BaumMatthew A. Baum, Visiting Associate Professor of Public Policy, joined the Kennedy School faculty in July 2006. He has been an associate professor of political science and communications studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. His research centers on the role of the mass media and public opinion in contemporary American politics. Baum is the author of Soft News Goes to War: Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy in the New Media Age. He will teach courses on the intersection of mass media, public opinion and foreign policy and on political communication.


John S. CarrollJohn S. Carroll is the Knight Visiting Lecturer at the Shorenstein Center. He has been the editor of three newspapers: the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun, and the Lexington Herald-Leader. In 1963 he became a reporter at the Providence Journal-Bulletin. Early in his career at the Baltimore Sun, Carroll was posted to Vietnam, the Middle East and Washington. In the 1970s he was metropolitan editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer. From 1971 to 1972 he was a Nieman Fellow at Harvard and, in 1988, held a similar fellowship at Oxford. He has received several individual awards, including Editor of the Year, from the National Press Foundation (1999), and has directed coverage that won Pulitzer Prizes at the Philadelphia Inquirer, Lexington Herald-Leader, Baltimore Sun and the Los Angeles Times. Carroll is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He graduated from Haverford College and served in the Army.

Evan ThomasEvan Thomas is the Edward R. Murrow Visiting Professor of the Practice of Press and Public Policy. As assistant managing editor of Newsweek since April 1991, Thomas has guided the magazine’s overall coverage; he has also served as as a special-projects writer since fall 1996. Thomas served as Washington bureau chief from September 1986 to January 1996, directing Newsweek‘s coverage of national affairs, including the White House, Pentagon and State Department. He is the author of The Very Best Men: Four Who Dared: The Early Years of the C.I.A. and The Man to See, a biography of Edward Bennett Williams. He co-wrote with Walter Isaacson The Wise Men: Six Friends and the World They Made, about the U.S. foreign policy establishment. His most recent books include Robert Kennedy: His Life and John Paul Jones: Sailor, Hero, Father of the American Navy. Thomas will teach Mass Media and Public Policy.