The Journalist’s Resource helps journalists and the public get up to speed on academic studies about complex problems and their potential solutions. The goal: more high-quality research in the news stream. 

The HKS Misinformation Review is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes multidisciplinary research on mis- and disinformation on a fast timeline to get important new research into the hands of practitioners who need it.

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Commentary, Public Interest Technology,
States double down on conspiracy theories waged by anti-democracy movement
ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), a non-profit, data-sharing consortium that improves election integrity is the new target for actors...
Center News, Documentary Film, News,
Shorenstein Center Launches Documentary Film Research Initiative
In an ongoing effort to deepen and broaden its focus on the intersections of media, policy and the public sphere, the Shorenstein Center is expanding its...
Center News, News, Public Interest Journalism,
Semi Finalists for 2023 Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting
This year nearly 150 examples of investigative reporting were nominated for the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative reporting. The following 24 semi-finalists...
Announcing the 2023 Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting Finalists
The Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School is proud to announce the six finalists for the 2023 Goldsmith Prize...

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Event Recordings

Where Politics and Policy Meets People: a conversation with 2022 Nyhan Prize Winner Shawn Donnan of Bloomberg News
Award-winning journalists Shawn Donnan and Cynthia Tucker in conversation about the role and craft of political journalism in today's political and media...

Starting at 6:00 PM ET: Join @ShorensteinCtr, @BelferCenter, and @HarvardIOP in the Forum as @AP and @FRONTLINEPBS journalists including @RaneyAronson, @AliKodjakAP, and @EKinetz discuss documenting war crimes in Ukraine.

Starting at 6pm! Watch the livestream here:

Starting in one hour - join @ShorensteinCtr, @BelferCenter, and @HarvardIOP live in the Forum for a discussion on the documenting of war crimes in Ukraine with @RaneyAronson, @AliKodjakAP, @EKinetz, and moderator @NancyGibbs. The livestream starts right here at 6:00 PM ET.

Kathy @kathytpham 8 Mar

Thursday 4pm EST! Join for an hour for community and lessons from @cecmunoz about public leadership, public interest tech, and so much more!

Shorenstein Center @ShorensteinCtr

WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS! Yes we are shouting. It is that exciting. Congratulations Brian Friedberg for this book deal!

Shorenstein Center @ShorensteinCtr

Can’t wait to have you join the team, Megan!

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