Unruly Democracy: Science Blogs and the Public Sphere

April 30, 2010

April 30, 2010 – Panel discussion with Sheila Jasanoff, HKS STS Program; Henry Donahue, Discover; Gideon Gil, The Boston Globe; Joy Moore, Seed; Francesca Grifo, Union of Concerned Scientists; Chris Mooney, MIT and Discover; Jessica Palmer, Bioephemera; Amanda Gefter, New Scientist; Kimberley Isbell, Citizens Media Law Project; “Dr. Isis,” science blogs; Thomas Levenson, MIT; Sam Bayard, Citizen Media Law Project; Phil Hilts, Knight Program, MIT; Joseph Romm, Center for American Progress; Cristine Russell, Harvard Kennedy School. Co-sponsored with the Program on Science, Technology and Society at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Knight Science Journalism program at MIT.