Study Group: How Shifts in Race & Cultural Identity Influence Politics, Policy & Pop Culture

Michele Norris, Joan Shorenstein Fellow, will lead a series of six study groups. Study groups are for Harvard students only (graduate and undergraduate) and are not-for-credit. View individual sessions below for details and to register.

Description: The election of President Barack Obama was widely heralded as the beginning of a post racial era. In reality, the beginning of the Obama era coincided with a new chapter in American history where matters of race would become even more complex for a number of reasons including demographic shifts, economic insecurity, new technology and global tumult. This series of study groups will examine the seismic and subtle influence of race and cultural identity in various aspects of American life. These sessions will also examine prominent issues that have surfaced in The Race Card Project where Michele Norris has archived tens of thousands of stories on race and cultural identity submitted by individuals from around the world.

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