Michele Norris

Study Group: “Not what you think I am” On the question of identity — who gets to choose?

Monday, April 6, 6:00-7:30pm
Taubman Building Room 102, Women and Public Policy Program Cason Conference Room

This session is part of the five-week study group series, How Shifts in Race and Cultural Identity Influence Politics, Policy and Pop Culture, led by Michele Norris. Seminars are for Harvard students only (graduate and undergraduate), and are not-for-credit. Please register below to reserve your space.

Description: This study group will look at the intersection between personal identity and institutional identifiers when it comes to race. In many ways, race is about difference and how those differences are codified through categories, check marks, segmentation and even implicit sorting on a subconscious level. How does this process change in a country with a growing number of blended families, rising levels of adoption and an increase in the number of multiracial individuals? What is the role of cultural experience, ethnic heritage or class in determining identity? How are institutions changing their approach to defining racial identity? Why do institutions collect data on racial identity in the first place? Has the question of identity become so complex that it can no longer be determined by boxes of fixed racial certitude?

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