Walter Shorenstein Fellow Adam Moss, the former Editor-in-Chief of New York Magazine, will be running an 8-week workshop this semester for undergraduate and graduate students at any Harvard University school. The focus of the workshop series will be on “building a better political media.” Students are welcome to attend as many sessions as they want or are able to – from one to all eight.

For more information and to register for workshop sessions, click here.


Fall 2019

DPI 132: Presidents, Politics, and Economic Growth: From FDR to Donald Trump
Richard Parker

DPI 150: Seminar: Democracy, Politics, and Institutions
Prof. Thomas Patterson

DPI 227: Religion, Values, and the Future of Democracy
(cross listed with the Harvard Divinity School)
E.J. Dionne

DPI 342: Religion, Politics, and Public Policy in America
Richard Parker

DPI 622: Media Manipulation and Disinformation Campaigns
Dr. Joan Donovan

DPI 831: Op-Ed Writing
Nancy Gibbs

DPI 892: Strategic Communications for Policy Change: Practical Strategies for Influencing a Better World
Andy Burness

DPI 893: Influencing Policy Change through Strategic Communications
Andy Burness

API 901/902: Doctoral Research Seminar
Prof. Matthew Baum