Shorenstein Center hosts corporate responsibility conference

April 15, 2003

April 15, 2003 —On Tuesday, April 15, 2003, the Shorenstein Center co-sponsored a conference on corporate social responsibility in New York City. This nonpartisan conference brought together top business leaders, elected officials, investors, and academic representatives to discuss how to promote better corporate accountability and transparency and how to restore confidence in our institutions and corporations.

The following is a list of the panels and their participants.

Welcome and introduction
Walter Shorenstein, Richard Cavanagh, Richard Grasso, and Leon Panetta

What are the new rules of the game?
David Gergen, M. Jane Brady, Carolyn Kay Brancato, Alan Hevesi, James Quigley, and Melvyn Weiss

Enforcement and options accountability
Eliot Spitzer, Stuart Baskin, Arianna Huffington, Charles James, Richard Moore, and John Sweeney

A conversation with President Bill Clinton
Interviewed by Marvin Kalb

Moving forward: Restoring investor and public confidence
Richard Cavanagh, B.A. (Dolph) Bridgewater, Jr., Gail Fosler, Roderick Gillum, Thomas Healy, and James Tierney

Media coverage: Telling the right story
Alex Jones, Andrew Hill, Carolyn Hymowitz, Jeffrey Madrick, Gretchen Morgenson, and Stephen Shepard

Afternoon keynote address
Richard Cavanagh, John Bogle, and Leon Panetta

“Restoring Corporate Integrity and Public Trust” was co-sponsored by Walter H. Shorenstein; the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy; the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; The Conference Board; and the California Wine Institute.