Rachel Maddow gives T.H. White Lecture on Press and Politics

November 14, 2010

T.H. White Lecturer Rachel Maddow.

T.H. White Lecturer Rachel Maddow.

November 14, 2010Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, gave the 2010 T.H. White Lecture on Press and Politics to a packed Forum on a crisp November evening. In her lecture, Maddow described the current political situation in the United States as a consequence of a system that has “decoupled winning an election from governing.”

The evening began with a tribute to Walter H. Shorenstein, who passed away in June, by Shorenstein Center director Alex S. Jones. Jones then presented the 2010 David Nyhan Prize for Political Journalism to William Greider, national affairs correspondent for The Nation.

The following morning the T.H. White Seminar took place. Greider was one of the featured panelists in addition to Mindy Finn, GOP online political consultant; Charles Gibson, former ABC News anchor; David King, Harvard Kennedy School Lecturer; and IOP Fellow Susan Milligan.