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Past Fellows

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Joan Shorenstein Fellows, Fall 2015

David EnsorDavid Ensor is the former director of Voice of America, the official external broadcast institution of the U.S. Government which provides multimedia programming to international audiences. He stepped down from his role in early 2015 after four years. Previously, Ensor served as director of communications at the U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan and spent thirty years as an award-winning television and radio correspondent, reporting on foreign policy and national security issues for NPR, ABC News and CNN. While at the Shorenstein Center, Ensor will write about international state media, and how the West should respond to media challengers.
Paper: Exporting the First Amendment: Strengthening U.S. Soft Power through Journalism.


Marie SanzMarie Sanz is a senior correspondent with the Agence France Presse (AFP), most recently serving as Bureau Chief in Lima, Peru, and covering Chile and Bolivia as well. Over her long career with AFP, she has reported at length from Latin America, Africa, the United States and Europe. She was also Bureau Chief in Geneva, Switzerland; Havana, Cuba; Harare, Zimbabwe; and Bogota, Colombia and has worked in the AFP bureaus in Paris and Washington, D.C. While at the Shorenstein Center, Sanz will write about the changing relations between Cuba and the U.S. through the lens of the media.
Paper: The Persistent Advocate: The New York Times’ Editorials and the Normalization of U.S. Ties with Cuba. 


Paul WoodPaul Wood is a BBC world affairs correspondent, most recently based in Beirut. For the past four years he has covered the Syrian uprising, making a number of trips across the border from Lebanon and Turkey, often covert. He has reported first-hand on the growth of the insurgency, the siege in Homs, and the emergence of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in Syria. Over the course of his career he has received numerous awards and was named Journalist of the Year by the UK Foreign Press Association. While at the Shorenstein Center, he will explore the moral dilemmas facing journalists and policymakers in Syria, especially in relation to the Islamic State.
Paper: The Pen and the Sword: Reporting ISIS