Police Violence, Racial Injustice, and the Press: Reflections on Coverage of the Chauvin Trial

May 28, 2021
This event has passed.
This event aired on May 28, 2021 as part of the Shorenstein Center’s new Alumni Fellows Network speaker series, featuring former Shorenstein fellows discussing major topics in the news, and their current work.


The trial of Derek Chauvin sparked national conversations about violent policing and racial injustice. In its wake, how should policy makers, police, and journalists respond? On May 28, The New Yorker staff writer Jelani Cobb (Spring 2018 Shorenstein Writer in Residence) and BBC correspondent Tara McKelvey (Fall 2012 Shorenstein Fellow) — who both covered the trial from Minneapolis — joined The Atlantic staff writer Adam Serwer (Spring 2019 Shorenstein Fellow) and Institute of Politics executive director Setti Warren to discuss how public discourse and press coverage have (and have not) changed in the aftermath of the trial.