Race & Gender Publications

The Perpetuation of Prejudice in Reporting on Gays and Lesbians — Time and Newsweek: The First Fifty Years

January 1, 1998, 2:52 pm
By Lisa Bennett

A paper by Lisa Bennett, spring 1998 fellow, argues that although media coverage of gays and lesbians has improved in recent decades, coverage in the 1990s continued to include distorted and negative allegations. When journalists first came to the story…

Implementation of Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the American Press: Objectives, Obstacles, and Incentives

January 1, 1996, 12:00 pm

Racial and ethnic diversity in the American press is a long standing concern. This Shorenstein Center report concludes that while much research has been done and the objectives are clear, there are numerous obstacles to implementation. Under-representation of minorities is…

Framing Identity: The Press in Crown Heights

January 1, 1996, 9:36 am
By Carol B. Conaway

A paper by Carol B. Conaway, fall 1994 fellow, examines the media coverage of the 1991 Crown Heights riot, which was sparked when two Caribbean-American children were struck by an automobile in the motorcade of a Jewish sect leader. Conaway…

Hispanic Voices: Is the Press Listening?

January 1, 1995, 12:00 pm
By Jorge Quiroga

A paper by Jorge Quiroga, fall 1993 fellow, examines press coverage of the Hispanic community in the United States. Quiroga argues that the press serves as a gatekeeper, denying members of the Hispanic community full membership in the American political…

Transmitting Race: The Los Angeles Riot in Television News

May 1, 1994, 12:00 pm
By Erna Smith

A paper by Erna Smith, fall 1992 fellow, examines framing in the TV news coverage of the 1992 Los Angeles riot. Smith analyzes the content of television broadcasts before, during and after the riot on ten television stations, and draws…

Shadowboxing with Stereotypes: The Press, The Public, and the Candidates’ Wives

July 1, 1993, 12:00 pm
By Karlyn Kohrs Campbell

A paper by Karlyn Kohrs Campbell, fall 1992 fellow, analyzes media coverage of the presidential and vice presidential candidates’ wives during the 1992 election. Campbell examines some of the major influences on coverage of Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Tipper Gore,…

The Church, the Press, and Abortion: Catholic Leadership and Public Communication

December 1, 1991, 12:00 pm
By Michael A. Russo

A paper by Michael A. Russo, fall 1990 fellow, addresses the interrelationship between the Catholic Church and the news media in the U.S. abortion debate. Russo tells the story of three Catholic Bishops and how they frame their moral teachings…