Media and Politics Must Reads, January 19, 2018

January 18, 2018

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News from Faculty & Fellows

How the Alt-Right Uses Social Science to Make Racism Respectable. Khalil G. Muhammad, Professor of History, Race, and Public Policy, writes that “By focusing their opprobrium on the Nazi next door, white liberals are missing the very real threat posed by a growing white nationalism.”

Jelani Cobb: ‘It’s impossible to avoid the conclusion that Donald Trump is racist.’ Jelani Cobb, A.M. Rosenthal Writer-in-Residence, discusses President Trump’s recent inflammatory remarks with Judy Woodruff, fall 2005 fellow.

Teenagers are our best hope in fighting fake news. Claire Wardle, research fellow, discusses digital literacy. “If you design these courses correctly, the kids will be able to confront crazy Uncle Bob that, no, stop, that’s a conspiracy YouTube video you’re referencing.”

Misinformation Crisis. Claes de Vreese, fall 2017 fellow, discusses global populism and the post-truth present in an interview on The Open Mind.

A trade war with China would backfire on Trump — and America. Zachary Karabell, fall 1997 fellow, writes that “the two powers are more dependent on each other than Trump wants to admit.”

Views on Facebook and News

Trust in News

Tech and Free Speech

It’s the Democracy-Poisoning Golden Age of Free Speech, from Wired.

News Business

Conservative Media

Who Gets The Most Traffic Among Conservative Websites? From Mediashift.