Media & Politics Must Reads, February 17, 2017

Media & Politics Must Reads, February 17, 2017

February 16, 2017

Our weekly roundup of news found at the intersection of media, politics, policy and technology, from the Shorenstein Center and from around the web.

This Week at the Shorenstein Center

Reporting on the Environment in Trump’s America. Juliet Eilperin, senior national affairs correspondent, and Chris Mooney, energy and environment reporter, both of The Washington Post, discussed what may lie ahead for climate, energy and science policy and reporting under the Trump administration at an event hosted by the Shorenstein Center and the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Read a summary in Harvard Magazine.

News from Our Faculty, Fellows and Students

6 Things Journalists Can Do to Win Back Trust. Steve Jarding, Lecturer in Public Policy, discusses measures the media can take to correct perceptions of bias.

Moves to Loosen Regulation of Wall Street. Robert Lenzner, spring 2014 fellow, warns in a New York Times letter that repeal of the Dodd-Frank Act would encourage conditions leading to another financial crisis. Lenzner wrote about financial risk and media coverage in his Shorenstein Center paper, Reporting on the 2008 Financial Crisis, and the Next One.

Why Saying ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’ Isn’t Enough. Rick Stengel, current Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellow, critiques the Trump administration’s approach to confronting terrorism, and writes that “radical Islamic extremism” is a harmful term because the U.S.’s Islamic allies do not consider ISIS to be representative of their religion.

5 Reasons Why #DeleteUber ‘Worked.’ HKS student Reilly Kiernan explains why Uber and Lyft joining the political fray was good business, and what activists can learn from it.

Leaks and Whistleblowing

The Trump Administration and the Media

Resources for Local Newsrooms

Fact-Checking and Tech

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