Nick Sinai A Case Study Seminar

This session is part of the 10-week seminar series, Data, Technology and Innovation in Government, led by Nick Sinai. Seminars are for students only (graduate and undergraduate) and are not-for-credit. Please register below to reserve your space. 

Guest: Ryan Panchadsaram, U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer

Description: The failures and subsequent rescue of is a compelling story in its own right. But it also speaks to the failures of government digital services and government IT more broadly. By one study, over 90 percent of government IT projects underperform or fail outright. What lessons can be learned by the failure and rescue of How did it inform the creation of the new U.S. Digital Services in the White House and the formation of the 18F digital service unit in the General Services Administration? What does it mean for procurement and government IT reform?

Time: Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 4:00pm-5:30pm

Location: Harvard Kennedy School, Taubman Building Room 102, Women and Public Policy Program Cason Conference Room

Workshop Materials

Download the presentation slides (PDF).

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