Nick Sinai

Labor & Healthcare Data Briefing

A summary of outcomes of executive sessions on labor market data and healthcare innovation.


This session recapped of the week’s data and innovation activities to date, including:

  • Opening Up Labor Market Data Roundtable (held on 2/23). This executive roundtable will assemble leaders in the industry to collaborate and create new ways to use technology to close the skills gap. Participants at the 2/23 session will include executives from: U.S. Veterans Affairs, U.S. Department of Labor, Center for American Progress, Clayton Christensen Institute, JP Morgan, and McKinsey Global Institute. Sinai and Chopra will report on any commitments and progress made towards such topics such as: O*NET Modernization:, opening up skills data, accelerating learning programs, and open labor market data.
  • Opening Up Health Data Roundtable (held on 2/24). Participants at this session will include executives from: Google, Athena Health, Merck, Blue Cross Blue Shield, U.S. Digital Services, and Massachusetts Health Connector. Sinai and Chopra will report on concrete actions that the public and private sector are taking to realize the full value of open health data in care delivery transformation, including such topics as opening up provider directories, opening up patient health data, and closing the loop on open health data.

Date: Thursday, February 26, 8:30a.m.-9:30a.m.,
Location: Allison Dining Room, Taubman 5th Floor