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Cheryl Contee describes 'Harlem Renaissance 2.0'
November 30, 2010
Cheryl Contee and Alex S. Jones, Shorenstein Center director. November 30, 2010 — At a Shorenstein Center event, Cheryl Contee, partner at Fission Strategy...
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Google's Greenberger presents efficiency of online campaigning
April 6, 2010
Peter D. Greenberger and Nicco Mele. April 6, 2010 — Peter D. Greenberger started the first political advertising team at Google, Inc., and at a visit...
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The Internet and the 2000 Republican Convention: An Appraisal
August 1, 2000
The Shorenstein Center asked Michael Cornfield, an expert on the Internet and politics, to give a quick appraisal of the performance of online media at...
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Talking Politics on the Net
January 1, 1998
A paper by Sara Bentivegna, fall 1997 fellow, examines the concept of the public sphere within computer mediated communication. The particular focus is...