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The Debate Was a Mess. What We Pay Attention to Next Is What Matters - Nancy Gibbs in TIME
June 28, 2024
This essay was originally published in TIME on June 28, 2024 Debates are a test of candidates; post debates...
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New podcast: A “thousand” ways to make a good documentary
December 13, 2023
In my 40-year career in film and video I’ve known and worked in circles of documentarians who admire...
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Muting Trump’s ‘megaphone’ easier said than done
June 23, 2023
Shorenstein Center professors Matthew Baum and Thomas Patterson talked to the Harvard Gazette about the...
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How the news media – long in thrall to Trump – can cover his new run for president responsibly
November 15, 2022
"If they are to serve the public interest, journalists cannot apply the ordinary rules for covering candidates,"...