2000 Archive


  • 8/13: The day before the 2000 Democratic National Convention, the Shorenstein Center hosted a panel on the impact of the Internet on democracy.
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  • 7/30: On the eve of the 2000 Republican National Convention, the Shorenstein Center hosts a panel on convention television coverage.
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  • 4/25: “The Fatal Embrace: How the Media and Presidential Politics Are Dancing Their Way to Oblivion.” Discussion with Zachary Karabell, author of The Last Campaign and The Election of 1948, and former Shorenstein fellow.
  • 4/25: “Politics 2000 — View from a White House Correspondent.” Brown-bag lunch with Mara Liasson, White House correspondent for National Public Radio.
  • 4/19: Alex S. Jones, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and host of PBS’s Media Matters, is named director of the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.
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  • 4/18: “Globalization: Is the Media Exempt?” Brown-bag lunch with Robert Thomson, U.S. managing editor of The Financial Times.
  • 4/11: “Hillary and Rudy: The Other Campaign.” Brown-bag lunch with Gail Collins, op-ed page columnist for The New York Times.
  • 4/4: “The Russian Elections, Putin and the Media.” Brown-bag lunch with Beth Knobel, Moscow bureau chief for CBS News.


  • 3/21: “The Public’s Opinion of Campaign 2000.” Brown-bag lunch with Peter Hart, public opinion analyst, Peter D. Hart Research Associates.
  • 3/14: “The McCain Phenomenon?” Brown-bag lunch with Dan Schnur, communications director to John McCain.
  • 3/10: The Goldsmith Seminar on the Present and Future of Investigative Reporting. Panel discussion with the winner and finalists of the Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting and Bill Kovach, curator, Harvard’s Nieman Foundation. Moderated by Thomas E. Patterson, acting director of the Shorenstein Center.
  • 3/9: Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism presented to Bill Kovach, curator, Harvard’s Nieman Foundation. Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting awarded to Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele, Time magazine.
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  • 3/8: “Sarajevo’s New Daily — No Politics, Please.” Brown-bag lunch with Ed Baumeister, newspaper editor, television producer, founder of The Independent Journalism Foundation.
  • 3/7: “War Crimes, Terrorism, Money-Laundering, Arms Sales: Fearless and Independent International Reporting.” Brown-bag lunch wtih Ray Bonner, investigative correspondent at The New York Times.


  • 2/29: “Accountability and Credibility in the News Industry: The Role of an Ombudsman.” Brown-bag lunch with E.R. Shipp, ombudsman at The Washington Post.
  • 2/22: “The Challenges of Covering China.” Brown-bag lunch with Mary Kay Magistad, Nieman fellow and former China correspondent with National Public Radio.
  • 2/15: “Sizing Up Campaign 2000.” Brown-bag lunch with David Nyhan, columnist at The Boston Globe.
  • 2/8: “Misreporting Russia: Media Coverage of Today’s Russia.” Brown-bag lunch with Katrina Vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation.
  • 2/7: Introduction of Shorenstein Fellows and Visiting Faculty: Panel with Elisabeth Gidengil, associate professor of political science at McGill University; Lynette Lithgow, editorial training manager/senior anchor, CNBC Asia, based in Singapore; Susan Moeller, director of the journalism program and assistant professor of American studies at Brandeis University; Peter Molnar, former member of the Hungarian Parliament; and Stanley Renshon, professor of political science at the City University of New York.