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Announcing our New Media and Politics Podcast

May 18, 2015 — The Shorenstein Center is pleased to launch its Media and Politics Podcast, a program highlighting key voices and ideas in the intersection of media, politics and public policy. Download episodes and subscribe on iTunes, or listen on Soundcloud or Stitcher. 

Each bi-weekly episode will focus on a specific theme, such as political campaigns, foreign policy, race, gender, technology, and the media industry itself, drawn from talks by visiting journalists and political experts. The podcast will also feature interviews with visiting Shorenstein Fellows and other guests.

Our first episode, “Behind the Rise of BuzzFeed,” features highlights from Shorenstein Center talks by two key BuzzFeed staff members: Ben Smith, editor-in-chief; and Miriam Elder, world editor. Smith, who spoke in February 2014, and Elder, who spoke in September 2014, discuss some of the strategies employed by BuzzFeed as it has grown from a site known for lists, quizzes and cat videos into a global news organization. They discuss the importance of social media and mobile traffic for modern media organizations, details of BuzzFeed’s international expansion plans and recruitment of foreign correspondents, the business model, and more. Hear the full-length talks with Ben Smith and Miriam Elder in our events archive.