The Promise and Peril of the Internet

The Promise and Peril of the Internet

As part of Harvard Kennedy School's IDEASpHERE conference, the Shorenstein Center hosted a discussion with Morra Aarons-Mele MC/MPA 2008, founder of Women Online, and Nicco Mele, Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy. The discussion centered around how the Internet has fostered a shift from institutions to individuals, and the power of a personal digital persona. More »

Julia Angwin: How To Protect Your Private Data Online

In the midst of constant tracking and data mining from both the commercial and government spheres, is the whole idea of privacy dead? To find answers, Julia Angwin, senior reporter for ProPublica, forged a trail through the latest technology advancements to find out if she could still engage online in a meaningful way, while protecting important private data. More »

Facts and Propaganda at War in Syria's Chaotic Media Landscape, says NPR's Deborah Amos

Deborah Amos, Middle East correspondent for NPR, said that in Syria, “there are at least five different wars” going on simultaneously. “It is the most complicated of all the conflicts in the Middle East,” yet the media is criticized for not getting it right. More »

Michael Ignatieff

The Post-Ukraine World Order

Michael Ignatieff, Edward R. Murrow Professor of Press, Politics and Public Policy, delivered the 50th Annual Lecture at the Ditchley Foundation.
Former Fellow Rebecca MacKinnon has received a grant for her project "Ranking Digital Rights" with the New America Foundation. The grant will enable MacKinnon and her team to rank Internet companies on how well they protect the privacy of their users, and publish a global ranking to help encourage companies to improve their practices: Knight News Challenge on Strengthening the Internet
Former Fellow Deborah Amos, author of Eclipse of the Sunnis, talks to NPR's Melissa Block about the extremist vision for establishing a new Sunni caliphate, as well as what it might look like if a group like ISIS managed to do so: The Shape Of Extremist Ambitions In Iraq And Beyond
The Internet, Globalization and the Media Future. In the final installment of this knowledge journalism video series, Tom Patterson discusses the strategy behind Journalist's Resource.

The Philosopher King and the Creation of NPR

The Philosopher King and the Creation of NPR

A new paper by Steve Oney, author of And the Dead Shall Rise, tells the story of the creation of National Public Radio, and how its philosophy was shaped in its early days, with a unique focus on content quality over broadcasting techniques. The paper is an excerpt of a forthcoming book to be published by Simon & Schuster. More »

The Media and Markets: How Systematic Misreporting Inflates Bubbles, Deepens Downturns and Distorts Economic Reality

A new paper by Fall 2013 Fellow Stefan Theil looks at the systematic mistakes that editors and reporters repeatedly make when they cover the economy. More »

The Challenges of Democratizing News and Information: Examining Data on Social Media, Viral Patterns and Digital Influence

A new paper by John Wihbey, Managing Editor of Journalist's Resource, provides a new perspective on the promise that digital technologies and social networks hold for the further democratization of media. More »

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