The Dream is Dead - photo of Marilyn Thompson

A new paper by Marilyn W. Thompson, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (spring 2016) and former deputy editor of POLITICO, chronicles the rise and fall of the Presidential Election Campaign Fund, and explores whether the fund could still provide a viable way…

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Michael Ignatieff

Executive Summary The US-European relationship remains a cornerstone of American security and prosperity. It is never in America’s interest to remain a bystander when Europe’s cohesion is under threat. The refugee crisis in Europe is such a threat. This report…

Jackie Calmes

A paper by Jackie Calmes, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (Spring 2015) and national correspondent for The New York Times, examines the increasing influence of conservative media on the Republican Party’s agenda. Calmes traces the history of conservative media, from its founding…

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Jelani Cobb

Jelani Cobb, Professor of History and Director of the Institute for African American Studies at the University of Connecticut, contributor to The New Yorker, and recipient of the 2016 Jay College of Criminal Justice Trailblazer award, along with Thomas Abt,…

Shira T. Center - The Trump Factor: Covering Election 2016

April 12, 2016 — Shira T. Center, political editor for The Boston Globe, discussed media coverage of Donald Trump, as well as the relationship between Trump supporters and the press. Center described several factors that contributed to the media’s paradoxical…


Michael Slaby

May 25, 2016 — Michael Slaby, spring 2013 fellow and founder of Timshel, a company that provides candidates with software to reach supporters and raise money, is featured in an article about the challenges of building a business around elections….

Trudy Lieberman

May 23, 2016 — Trudy Lieberman, spring 2001 fellow and press critic for Columbia Journalism Review, writes about the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s efforts to focus on issues of concern to elderly readers. Read more.