Facts and Propaganda at War in Syria's Chaotic Media Landscape, says NPR's Deborah Amos

Facts and Propaganda at War in Syria's Chaotic Media Landscape, says NPR's Deborah Amos

Deborah Amos, Middle East correspondent for NPR, said that in Syria, “there are at least five different wars” going on simultaneously. “It is the most complicated of all the conflicts in the Middle East,” yet the media is criticized for not getting it right. More »

Digital Tools Can Help Journalists Cover Complexity of Climate Change, Says Andrew Revkin

Reporting on the issue of climate change has posed many challenges to journalists such as Andrew Revkin, who writes the Dot Earth blog for The New York Times. At the Shorenstein Center on Wednesday, Revkin explained why the complexity of the issue and the limits of news models make for a difficult job, and how digital tools can provide answers. More »

Boston Globe Editor Says Business Model Is Broken – But Journalism Is Not

What is the future of the newspaper industry? Brian McGrory, editor of The Boston Globe, offered key insights and predictions at the Shorenstein Center on Tuesday. While the news business has changed dramatically in recent years, there are positive signs for the future, he said. More »

Robert Lenzner

Piketty's Prediction that the Wealthiest Are Getting Wealthier Three Times Faster Hits No. One on Amazon

Spring 2014 Fellow Robert Lenzner writes in Forbes about French economist Thomas Piketty's visit to the Kennedy School.
The Boston Globe reviews the new book by Ron Suskind, former A.M. Rosenthal Writer-in-Residence: ‘Life, Animated’ by Ron Suskind
Joshua Partlow, former Fellow, in The Washington Post: Impatient Afghan candidates are counting their own votes
Former Visiting Assistant Professor Zephyr Teachout in The Washington Post: The Supreme Court leaves a void in campaign finance law
The Internet, Globalization and the Media Future. In the final installment of this knowledge journalism video series, Tom Patterson discusses the strategy behind Journalist's Resource.

Putin's Iron-Fisted Message

Putin's Iron-Fisted Message

Spring 2014 Fellow Jill Dougherty has written an important piece about Russian President Vladimir Putin for The Huffington Post. From her recent reporting in Ukraine and her extensive background on the politics of the area, Dougherty provides important context and insights into the relationship between Russia's media and its president. More »

A Letter to Journalists from a Former FCC Commissioner

Fall 2013 Fellow Michael Copps, former Federal Communications Commissioner, shares concerns and offers advice regarding government regulation of corporate media. More »

The Campaign Casino: Elections Have Become a Get-Rich-Quick Scheme, and the Press Is Missing the Story

Fall 2013 Fellow Lee Aitken examines the lack of transparency in campaign financing. More »

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