Under the Hood: Tech During Times of Crisis

This event has passed.

Hear from technologists on the front lines of crisis response, from (2013) to U.S. Digital Service (2014-now) to COVID-19 with the U.S. Digital Response (2020). Learn about what it takes to make it all happen, how to find and recruit talent, and how to get involved. 

This virtual event was held on April 7, 2020.

A full text transcript of this video can be found here.

Hosted jointly by the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS Stay Connected series) and Georgetown University Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation

Jennifer Anastasoff: Executive Director, Tech Talent Project and proud United States Digital Response volunteer. Previously, Head of People, Founding Member at United States Digital Service, Founder FuseCorp.

Mina Hsiang: Vice President of Policy and Government Affairs at Devoted health, leading several COVID projects, helping United States Digital Response. Previously Founder & Executive Director Digital Service at HHS, Response Team, Vice President at Optum, Venture Capital.

Ryan Panchadsaram – Co-founder United States Digital Response, Venture at Kleiner Perkins. Previously Deputy Chief Technology Officer of the United States, response team, Microsoft,, Pipette.

Kathy Pham – Fellow at Harvard, Mozilla, Rita Allen Foundation, Adjunct Lecturer on Product Management and Society. Previously United States Digital Service, Google, IBM, Harris Healthcare

Raylene Yung: CEO at United States Digital Response. Previously, Fellow with the Aspen Institute’s Tech Policy Hub, an engineering and product executive at Stripe and Facebook.

Cori Zarek: Founder U.S. Digital Response, Director of Data + Digital for Georgetown University’s Beeck Center for Social Impact + Innovation. Previously, Deputy U.S. Chief Technology Officer