Student Research Assistant Positions

Research Assistant for a Shorenstein Center Fellow

Build your portfolio as a research assistant at the Shorenstein Center. Research assistants receive $15/hour and are expected to work up to 10 hours/week.

Description: Work one-on-one with a leader in communication assisting with library and online literature reviews, deep topic research, formatting and coding data, proofreading, managing citations, and other tasks associated with the preparation of the Fellow’s paper on a media/politics topic.

Please read the bios of our Fall 2017 Fellows before submitting your application.

Six positions are available. Only current HKS students are eligible to apply. 

Research Assistant for Professor Thomas Patterson

Research assistant needed to work on a book about America’s dysfunctional politics, with Thomas E. Patterson,  Bradlee Professor of Government and the Press. Hours are flexible but reliability is a must. Strong writing skills desired but not a must. If politics and the media are of interest, you’ll enjoy working on the project.  Pay is $15 per hour.

Apply online here for all positions. 

Applications due Sunday, September 10, 5pm.

Questions? Contact Susan Ocitti and