Student Research Assistant Positions

Build your portfolio as a research assistant at the Shorenstein Center. Research assistants receive $15/hour and are expected to work up to 10 hours/week.

Open positions are listed below:

Research Assistants needed for Spring 2020 Shorenstein Fellows

Work one-on-one with a leader in journalism while they are in residence at the Shorenstein Center this semester. Job duties include: assist fellows with library and online literature reviews, deep topic research, document and data formatting, proofreading, transcribing, managing citations, and other tasks associated with the fellow’s project on a media/politics topic, or preparation for study groups.

Research assistants receive $15/hour and are expected to work up to 10 hours/week. Only current HKS students are eligible to apply. Deadline for applications for all Spring 2020 Fellows’ Research Assistant positions is Sunday, February 9, 2020. 

Spring 2020 Shorenstein Fellows:

Don Baer, Chair of the Board of Directors of PBS and former Worldwide Chairman of Burston-Marstellar, will lead a series of study groups on the potential intersections between public and private media.

Gwyneth Williams, former Controller of the BBC’s Radio 4 and Radio 4 Extra, will host events on how to get big ideas into mainstream discussions. NOTE: this is a short-term appointment only, February 15 – March 7.

Ann Cooper, former NPR bureau chief in Moscow and Johannesburg, and former faculty at Columbia Journalism School, will write a paper on Russian media and the legacy of Glasnost.
NOTE: a Research Assistant who can read Russian is preferred.

April Glaser, Investigative Journalist at NBC News, will work on a project studying internet policy, user safety and privacy, and how weak protections for users harm certain communities.

Apply Here by February 9th! 

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