BISG Committee 2023-24

Sneha Arvind
 A woman with long dark hair wearing a white tshirt, standing in front of a body of light blue water MDE Candidate, Graduate School of Design and John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Sneha is a Systems and Service Designer and Design Researcher, passionate about leveraging design to positively influence human behavior and decision-making. Her work integrates behavioral science, public interest technology, and design to tackle complex systemic challenges, emphasizing inclusion. Prior to Harvard, she worked in Design Strategy and Innovation consulting, aiding MNCs, think tanks, and startups in deeply understanding their audiences to create more effective products and services. She has led diverse research projects, including but not limited to investigating data privacy concerns and behaviors among Indian migrant workers with the World Bank/CGAP, and analyzing the advertising landscape targeting India’s next billion internet users.

Neta Cynara Anggina
A woman with shoulder length brown hair wearing a black shirt stands with arms crossed outside in front of a building and some treesMPP Candidate, Harvard Kennedy School
Neta is a John F. Kennedy Fellow with focus on Political and Economic Development. Her interests include how policymakers can benefit from behavioral insights to design the more effective public interventions. She previously worked at the Office of Indonesia’s Foreign Minister covering Indonesia’s G20 Presidency, Africa’s development affairs, and Afghanistan’s Peace Process. She also worked as Summer Consultant for the World Bank’s Jobs and Social Protection Global Practice.


Kartikeya Bhatotia
Kartikeya Bhatotia, a South Asian man with short dark hair and a short cropped beard and mustache, standing outside in front of a building with white columns.MPP Candidate, Harvard Kennedy School

Kartikeya is a Master of Public Policy candidate at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, specializing in behavioral science, institutional transformation, and climate transition. Before coming to Harvard, Kartikeya specialized in field experiments to stimulate microenterprises in India and in measuring barriers to women’s labor force participation. He has also worked at Tata Trusts, India’s largest philanthropic organization, where he designed behavioral change communication strategies to address preventable cancers. Kartikeya’s graduate research delves into mechanisms to influence deliberations to promote deepening of democracy. At Harvard College, he has taught courses in psychology and the applications of behavioral science to address intractable problems in developing countries.

Nadja Born  
a woman with curly dark hair and light skin wearing a blue blousePhD Candidate & WAPPP Research Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

Nadja is a PhD Candidate in Organizational Behavior and a research fellow at the Women and Public Policy Program at Harvard Kennedy School. She holds an M.Sc. in Economic, Organizational, and Social Psychology and a B.Sc. in Psychology from Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, as well as an Honors Degree in Technology Management from the Center of Digital Technology Management (CDTM) in Munich.

Nadja specializes in leveraging behavioral insights to design and experimentally test interventions that reduce bias and improve decision-making. Her work takes an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating theories and methods from social psychology, data science, and behavioral economics. By harnessing the power of behavioral insights along with organizational design and technology, Nadja addresses complex issues ranging from diversity, equity, and inclusion to financial well-being, entrepreneurship, and leadership.

Moreover, Nadja co-built a behavioral science start-up dedicated to transforming academic research into actionable digital tools and strategies. This venture aims to equip policymakers, companies, and leaders with evidence-based solutions to enhance leadership, diversity, equity, inclusion, and innovation, translating scholarly insights into practical outcomes.

Katie Chen

An Asian woman with long dark hair stands outside wearing a gray blazer and white shirtMPA/ID Candidate, Harvard Kennedy School

Katie is pursuing a Master in Public Administration in International Development at Harvard as a fully-funded Frank Knox Fellow. She is passionate about applying psychology and behavioral science to challenges in international development. Katie has lived and worked across seven countries: Canada, US, China, South Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, and the UK, working with a range of organizations including McKinsey, Save the Children International, and The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT). At HKS, Katie hopes to deepen her understanding of effective development policy, exploring a broad range of macro- and micro-economic, political, historical, and social drivers to alleviate global poverty and accelerate societal wellbeing.

Amrita Ragavendiran
a person with medium tone skin and dark hair stands in front of a brown wall with mountains in the background.Ed.M. Education Policy and Analysis Candidate, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Amrita has spent 5 years working in the non-profit sector in India in different parts of the country. With an education background in economics, psychology and sociology, she has used insights from behaviour sciences while working with schools in India. Amrita is keen on continuing to work in solving for education inequity in the global south with emphasis on school systems in remote, disparate and under-developed regions. 

Charlotte Rediker
a light skinned woman with long brown hair wearing a white shirt stands outside in front of some bushes and treesHarvard College

Charlotte is a sophomore at the college concentrating in social studies with a secondary in economics and a mandarin citation. Outside of the BISG leadership team, she is a Staff Editor for the Harvard Crimson’s Editorial and Magazine Boards, a Case Team Lead at Harvard College Consulting Group, and a member of Harvard Financial Analysts Club. Her professional experience, including internships at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) on the Reconnecting Asia Team, NWI Management, and Moore Capital have given her a strong multifaceted perspective on international aspects of behavioral finance and political dynamics. Her experiences as a Research Assistant at the Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership and as the CTO of the Biden Campaign’s 2020 International Economic Policy Group have honed her understanding of leadership and policy-making in a global context. Charlotte’s interest in behavioral insights is particularly focused on their applications in international relations, leadership decision making, and finance.

Yujie Wang
an Asian man with a close cropped beard wearing glasses and a black shirt stands in front of a building with glass frontMDE Candidate, Graduate School of Design and John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Yujie Wang is a Master in Design Engineering (MDE) student at Harvard, previously studied at MIT with a background in Human-Computer Interaction, focusing on wearable computing and Brain-Computer Interfaces. Yujie is the founder and CEO of Vocadian, empowering a safer, healthier, and more productive workforce with voice AI. As a product leader, HCI researcher, and serial entrepreneur working in precision health, sustainability, digital phenotyping, and behavior change, Yujie takes innovation from ideas to commercialization and building products that cultivate empathy, trust, and care. Yujie has research experience at MIT Media Lab and Harvard Medical School and professional experience across healthcare, smart home, digital farming, supply chain, mixed reality, and autonomous driving industries ranging across various functions at Philips Healthcare, IKEA Home Smart, Maersk, and FaunaPhotonics. Yujie’s interest in behavioral insights lies in their applications in enhancing personal, social, and ecological well-being, especially when value judgments are involved.

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