Prof Matthew Baum’s Covid States Project Shows MA Residents Support COVID Restrictions

The latest survey report out from the COVID States Project, co-authored by the Shorenstein Center’s Professor Matthew Baum, shows that Massachusetts residents overwhelmingly support policies to combat the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, including business and school closures, cancelling public events, and restricting travel.

Support for more restrictive measures to combat the pandemic comes from all sides of the political spectrum. “Very nearly a majority of Republicans in Massachusetts support the least popular of the measures we surveyed: closing most businesses,” said Professor Baum in an interview with the Boston Globe. “And considering that Independents form an important part of Governor Baker’s support coalition, it’s worth noting that almost 60 percent of those voters support closing most businesses, while higher percentages support all of the other measures.”

Read coverage of the latest survey report in the Boston Globe and WBUR. You can find this and all of the COVID States Project’s survey reports at