On the Trail of Xi Jinping: A Podcast with Jane Perlez of The New York Times. Click Here to Listen.

On the Trail of Xi Jinping: a new Podcast by Jane Perlez

U.S./China relations have seen huge shifts over the past decade. Jane Perlez, former Beijing Bureau Chief for The New York Times, witnessed much of it during her seven years reporting from China. Listen to her new podcast below.

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On the Trail of Xi Jinping follows the rise of China’s current leader, and how the West got him so wrong. From clinking champagne glasses at the State Department to the lowest ebb in US China relations in 40 years, Perlez and a series of expert China watchers explain what’s happened.

On the Trail of Xi Jinping was produced and edited by Jeb Sharp
Assistant producer: Helen Zhang
Researcher: Luz Ding
Sound design: Tina Tobey Mack.

Special thanks to the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School, including Nancy Gibbs, Tom Patterson and Liz Schwartz.

Thanks also to Harvard’s Ash Center, the Fairbank Center and the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs for all your support.

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Music by Blue Dot Sessions, Jay Varton, Howard Harper-Barnes, Heath Cantu, and Craft Case