New Shorenstein Center HKS Executive Education Program

Led by Shorenstein Center Director Nancy Gibbs, along with a team of Shorenstein Center faculty and affiliates, the new Harvard Kennedy School Executive Education Program Leading through the Changing Media Landscape is designed to equip leaders in the public and private sector to be more successful in today’s difficult media environment.

During the past few years, our understandings of truth, trust, and communication have been completely upended by a combination of technological, social, and political changes. We are in the midst of historic media disruption, which is posing unprecedented challenges. Strong leadership skills and powerful ideas are no longer enough to overcome pressing policy issues. Today, a lack of communication skills and the inability to maneuver within this fast-paced, polarized, and ever-changing landscape presents an insurmountable handicap.

Click here to learn more about the Leading through the Changing Media Landscape program, which will be run virtually through Harvard Kennedy School’s Executive Education Program, February 7-18, 2022. Applications are due January 18th.