Are America and “Old Europe” Reconciled after the War in Iraq, and Does It Matter? An Examination of U.S. and European Reporting of the Outcome of the Presidential Election

By Jacqueline Jones

A paper by Jacqueline Jones, fall 2004 fellow, examines whether the reelection of President George W. Bush left the alliance between the U.S. and Europe stronger or shattered. There was a huge appetite in European newspapers for stories on the U.S. election, with the European press heavily favoring Kerry – and the significance of the result for transatlantic relations fascinated readers, argues Jones. In the U.S., Europe’s disdain for Bush was more than noticed. The row over the war in Iraq had left relationships with many of America’s traditional allies in tatters. Jones argues that the ultimate hurdle to reconciliation between Europe and America will be the quest for areas of common purpose during Bush’s presidency.

Download the paper (PDF).