Technology and Social Change Research Project

combating media manipulation through knowledge and action


The Technology and Social Change Research Project (known as TaSC for short) led by Dr. Donovan, aims to understand how media manipulation is a means to control public conversation, derail democracy, and disrupt society. The project conducts research, develops tools, and facilitates workshops for journalists, policy makers, technologists, and civil society organizations on how to detect, document, and debunk media manipulation campaigns. The  project is currently creating an online research platform called the Global Media Manipulation Case Book (GMMCB), which will include 100 case studies to advance our shared knowledge of how misinformation travels across the web and platforms.

Dr. Joan Donovan

Dr. Joan Donovan is Director of the Technology and Social Change Research Project at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. Dr. Donovan is the leading expert on media manipulation tactics and techniques, effects of disinformation campaigns, and adversarial media movements that target journalists. Dr. Donovan has been mentioned in a wide array of outlets including NPR, Washington Post, The New York Times, Rolling Stone, ABC News, NBC News, Columbia Journalism Review, and The Atlantic. Her research can be found in academic peer-reviewed journals such as Social Media + Society, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography (JCE), and Information, Communication, & Society. Dr. Donovan received her Ph.D. in Sociology and Science Studies from the University of California San Diego (complete bio).


  • Vanessa Rhinesmith, Associate Research Director
  • Brian Friedberg, Senior Researcher
  • Gabby Lim, Researcher
  • Nicole Leaver, Research Assistant

Fellows and Visiting Researchers

  • April Glaser (more), Spring 2020 Joan Shorenstein Fellow
  • Kathy Pham (more), Fellow
  • Brandi Collins-Dexter (more), Fellow
  • Jon Penney (more), Visiting Sr. Researcher
  • Lam Thuy Vo (more), Visiting Researcher



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