Eugene Robinson

30th Annual Theodore H. White Lecture: “The Challenges Facing the Media on November 3rd and Beyond” with Eugene Robinson

This event has passed.

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020 the Shorenstein Center presented the 30th annual Theodore H. White Lecture on Press and Politics, delivered virtually at the JFK Jr. Forum by Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, with Shorenstein Center Director Nancy Gibbs moderating.

As the 2020 election quickly approaches, are there similarities to 2016 or is this a continuation of an unprecedented cycle in political history? How has the press evolved during the Trump administration and what effect did it have on covering the political landscape in the primaries and general election. With the growing absence of trust in the traditional press, what can be done to restore confidence in the institutions, and how does journalism survive and thrive moving forward.

You can watch a recording of the event below: