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Media & Politics Must Reads, August 28, 2015

August 27, 2015

Our weekly roundup of news found at the intersection of media, politics, policy and technology, from the Shorenstein Center and from around the web.

This Week at the Shorenstein Center

Resources for covering a volatile stock market and other economic issues:

The Media and Markets: How Systematic Misreporting Inflates Bubbles, Deepens Downturns and Distorts Economic Reality. A paper by fall 2013 Fellow Stefan Theil, Former European Economics Editor at Newsweek, looks at the systematic mistakes that editors and reporters repeatedly make when they cover the economy.

Covering the Financial Markets Intelligently. A tip sheet from Journalist’s Resource.

Reporting on the 2008 Financial Crisis, and the Next One. Robert Lenzner, spring 2014 Fellow and contributor to Forbes Media, examines why the media failed to detect the warning signs of the 2008 financial crisis – and how it can avoid missing them the next time around.

News from Our Fellows

Hillary vs. Biden Would Get Ugly Fast. Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast special correspondent and Joan Shorenstein Fellow (spring 2003), discusses why a Clinton vs. Biden match-up would lead to negative campaigning on both sides – and how the media would likely cover it.

For Mexicans, Trump’s Bid is Getting Scarier. Joshua Partlow, Mexico City Bureau Chief for The Washington Post and Joan Shorenstein Fellow (fall 2012), writes about how Mexican media and government officials are reacting to Trump’s immigration proposals.

From around the Web

In China, Journalist Reporting on Stock Market Held by Police, from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Cutting Off Politwoops, Twitter Follows the Needs of Politicians, Not Public Interest, from Huffington Post.

Information, Writ Widely. New datasets from Harvard’s Institute for Quantitative Social Science include an election data archive. From the Harvard Gazette.

The Key Ingredient in Stop-and-Frisk Reform: Open Data. From The Atlantic CityLab.

Court Upholds Broad FOIA Fee Exemption for Media & Groups, from Politico.

AP Sues Over Access to FBI Records Involving Fake News Story, from the Associated Press.

As Legacy Media Cuts Back on FOIA Lawsuits, Digital-Only News Outlets Step In, from Columbia Journalism Review.

Understanding Media Coverage: Seven Summer-Long Experiments with Media Cloud, from MIT Media Lab.

The Hurricane Station: Through Deadly Winds, Rain and Floods – The New Orleans Radio Station That Fought to Keep Listeners Alive During Hurricane Katrina. From the BBC.

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