Untying Knots: Episode 2

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Voter Oppression and Suppression: A Living Case Study in Georgia

Hosts: Erica Licht and Nikhil Raghuveera

Featuring: Christopher Bruce (ACLU of Georgia) and Nse Ufot (New Georgia Project)

Following the end of the Civil War, Southern states immediately sought to limit the freedoms of Black Americans through laws known as black codes, and to prevent exercise of their right to vote through felon disenfranchisement laws, poll taxes, and literacy tests. These same racist institutional barriers still exist today—some in exact name—and also suppress Indigenous and other People of Color voters. Community organizers and policy experts are on the frontlines engaging and supporting voters, while challenging systemically racist voting practices to realize a more equitable democratic process.

In this episode of Untying Knots, hosts Erica Licht (Senior Fellow at the IARA Project of the Shorenstein Center and MPA ‘20) and Nikhil Raghuveera (MPA ‘20) take a closer look at the history of racism in US voting, as well as its specific iterations in the state of Georgia. Their conversations with key staff at the ACLU of Georgia and the New Georgia Project reveal how the two organizations are amplifying the voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color voters, and striving to eliminate racist barriers in current and future elections.

The Untying Knots Podcast explores how people and organizations are reimagining society and dismantling systems of oppression.

Untying Knots is a collaboration between Erica Licht and Nikhil Raghuveera. It is supported by the Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center and the Institutional Antiracism and Accountability Project. Thanks to Christopher Bruce, Nse Ufot, LaTosha Brown, Sanhitha Raghuveeera, and Dr. Megan Ming Francis.

Learn More:

ACLU of Georgia: https://www.acluga.org/

New Georgia Project: https://newgeorgiaproject.org/

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