Shorenstein Center Seminar Series

The Shorenstein Center’s new Seminar Series is a collection of workshops, talks, interactive case studies and open discussions designed for students and invited guests to dig deeper into key issues in the media and politics. Seminars are led by Shorenstein Center affiliated faculty and fellows.

The following seminars will take place throughout the Fall 2018 semester. Sign up to our email list for more details including dates, times, and how to RSVP.

Public Entrepreneurship

Format: Workshops
Seminar lead: Kyla Fullenwider, Shorenstein Center Entrepreneurship Fellow; former Chief Innovation Officer of the U.S. Census Bureau

Our democratic institutions have never been more vulnerable. And yet, these same institutions are resilient by design, able to adapt and even thrive when change is considered an opportunity to be leveraged rather than an existential threat to be avoided. The public entrepreneur – charged with creating, diffusing, and sustaining innovation in and through government – is an essential actor in this new paradigm. This seminar series explores the best practices, tactics, successes, and  failures of public entrepreneurs on the front lines of strengthening and modernizing our democratic institutions. Case studies include the VA, Census Bureau, and opioid epidemic. 

Dates/Times and RSVP:

  • Workshop 1: “Case Study on Veterans’ Affairs – Start with the Citizen: From Process Centered to People Centered”
    With Former VA Chief Design Officer Sarah Brooks
    Thursday, October 25, 4:15-5:45pm: [RSVP Here]
  • Workshop 2: Case Study on The Office of the Surgeon General Opioid Initiative – Movements, not just Mandates: Storytelling in Government”
    With Former Surgeon General of the United States Vivek Murthy and former Chief Design Officer Ann Kim
    Friday, November 16, 9:00-10:30am: [RSVP Here]
  • Workshop 3: “Case Study on Open Innovation Labs – We Don’t Need Another Hero: Creating the Conditions for Innovation”
    Tuesday, November 27, 4:15-5:45pm [RSVP Here]

Limited to students and invited guests. 


Format: Workshops
Seminar lead: Maria Hinojosa, Walter Shorenstein Media & Democracy Fellow; anchor and executive producer for NPR’s Latino USA, and PBS’s America By The Numbers with Maria Hinojosa

A series of workshops examining the nation’s immigration system and policies, and its impact on the families affected. These workshops will dig deeper into the media’s role in reporting on immigration policy, as well as the personal stories behind the headlines.

Dates/Times and RSVP:

  • Workshop 1: “Immigration, Immigrants and Whole Family Immigrant Mental Health”
    Wednesday, October 3, 6:00-8:00pm: [RSVP Here]
  • Workshop 2: “Latina Strategies of Resistance
    Thursday, November 15, 6:00-8:00pm: [RSVP Here]

Limited to students and invited guests. 

Platform Accountability

Tom WheelerFormat: Seminars
Seminar leads: Tom Wheeler, Shorenstein Center Research Fellow and former chair of the FCC; and Dipayan Ghosh, Shorenstein Center Research Fellow and former technology and economic policy advisor at the White House

A handful of large digital platforms dominate the public space online. Every day, these platforms make decisions on a range of issues that affect the public sphere—including misinformation, hate speech, and digital advertising. The Shorenstein Center’s new Platform Accountability research project, led by Tom Wheeler and Dipayan Ghosh, will examine the role of the platforms in our democracy and media with a series of seminars involving guest speakers, open discussion and collaborative work.

Dates/Times and RSVP:

  • Seminar 1: “Should Google Be Regulated?”
    Thursday, September 27, 4:15-5:45pm: [RSVP Here]
  • Seminar 2: “Are our times unique?”: The Precedents to Today’s Digital Challenges. 
    Thursday, October 11, 3:15-4:45pm [RSVP Here]

Limited to students and invited guests. 

News Business Models

Format: Seminars
Seminar lead: Nicco Mele, Director of the Shorenstein Center; and Elizabeth Hansen, Shorenstein Center Research Fellow

The traditional business models for journalism have collapsed, and most of the current revenue models in the industry are unsustainable. Despite their digital growth, 80 to 90 percent of newspaper revenues still come from print—even after the steep decline of print advertising and circulation and almost 20 years of investment in digital media. As traditional newsrooms shrink and even disappear, the information landscape for Americans is bleak. To address this crisis, the Shorenstein Center produces original research on sustainable business models for the digital age, and works closely with legacy and emerging news organizations to put the theories into practice—creating a cycle of research, implementation, and learning. These seminars involve discussion of current research and guest speakers from the media.

Dates/Times and RSVP:

  • Workshop 1: Thursday, November 1, 4:15-5:45pm [RSVP Here]

Limited to students and invited guests.