Political Pandemonium 2020

The Technology and Social Change Project’s (TaSC) Political Pandemonium 2020 is a series of four digital workshops exploring the harmful effects of media manipulation on our society. These gatherings will each focus on a unique subtopic of interest to both the field of Critical Internet Studies and the broader public concerns about disinformation in elections. 

Workshops will examine: 

  1. the key differences between dis/misinformation and media manipulation; 
  2. the lifecycle of media manipulation; and 
  3. how to effectively identify and combat media manipulation.

Invitees will include members of civil society, journalists, students and academics working in the dis/misinformation field. This is free and open to everyone. Attendance will be capped at approximately 30 attendees per workshop and applications are required to attend. A portion of each event will be recorded for broadcast online.

If you have any questions, please email Dwight Knell at dwight_knell@hks.harvard.edu.

Upcoming Events

What does it Mean to Protest Today? Media Manipulation and the Movement for Black Lives
Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 12 – 1:30 PM ET

The Negative Consequences of Public Health Misinformation: Media Manipulation During the Pandemic
August 2020 (Exact Date TBD)

Media Manipulation and the 2020 Election: Protecting Our Democracy
September 2020 (Exact Date TBD)

Mapping the Terrain of Media Manipulation in 2020: What Have We Learned and What Can We Expect?
October 2020 (Exact Date TBD)