Goldsmith Career Award

Nancy Gibbs and Nicco Mele present the 2019 Goldsmith Career Award to Marty Baron.

About the Award

The Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism is given annually for outstanding contributions to the field of journalism, and for work that has enriched our political discourse and our society.


The winners of the Goldsmith Career Award are listed below. Many of the ceremonies can be watched on video using the accompanying link.

2020: Kathleen Carroll: Learn More; Video; Transcript
Marty Baron: Learn more and watch the video
2018: Martha Raddatz: Learn more.
Jorge Ramos: Learn More; Video; Transcript
Walter Isaacson: Learn More; Video; Transcript
  Marvin Kalb: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2014:  Candy Crowley: Learn MoreVideo; Transcript
2013:  Nicholas D. Kristof: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2012:  Alan Rusbridger: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2011:  Frank Rich: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2010:  David Fanning: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2009:  Gwen Ifill: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2008:  Paul E. Steiger: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2007:  Daniel Schorr: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2006:  Jim Lehrer: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2005:  Andrea Mitchell: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2004:  Linda Greenhouse: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2003:  Seymour Hersh: Learn More; Video; Transcript
2002:  Christiane Amanpour: Learn More; Video
2001:  Ted Turner: Learn More; Video
2000:  Bill Kovach: Learn More; Video
1999:  Lesley Stahl: Learn More; Video
1998:  Dan Rather: Video
1997:  Barbara Walters: Video
1996:  Peter Jennings: Video
1995:  Mike Wallace: Video
1994:  Ted Koppel: Video
1993:  Don Hewitt and Bob Woodward