New COVID States surveys on vaccine attitudes and executive approval

The COVID States Survey project, co-lead by HKS Professor Matthew Baum, has three new reports out this month looking at vaccine attitudes among healthcare workers, higher rates of vaccine hesitancy among parents, and an update on approval rates for governors in all 50 states.

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Vaccine Hesitancy Among Parents vs Non-Parents
In a survey of parents, asking about their interest in getting the COVID vaccine themselves, the project found that parents are more vaccine hesitant and resistant than non-parents across all socioeconomic and demographic groups compared. However, this pattern is largely driven by younger mothers, who are far more vaccine resistant than younger women who are not mothers. Older parents and fathers show little difference from their non-parent peers. The survey also found that parents’ willingness to vaccinate their children closely matches their willingness to get vaccinated themselves.

Healthcare Worker Opinions About the COVID-19 Vaccine vs General Population
In an update to their February 2021 report, the project found that healthcare workers have similar rates of vaccine hesitancy and vaccine refusal to the general population. However, hesitancy (defined as wanting to wait to get the vaccine until more people you know have gotten it) has decreased in both groups as vaccination rates have increased.

State-by-State & Federal Executive Approval Rates for COVID-19 Response
In an update to the last survey of opinions about state executives’ responses to the pandemic, the latest survey found slightly lower approval rates for governors across the country. It also took an early look at President Biden’s approval ratings for his administration’s COVID response in the first few weeks in office, and found that 53% of respondents approved, compared to the 32% who approved of President Trump’s handling of the pandemic in his last few weeks in office.

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The COVID States Project is a nationwide, 50-state survey of opinions related to the COVID-19 pandemic that has been in the field regularly since March, 2020. It is run by a multi-university collaboration including Harvard Kennedy School, Northeastern University, Rutgers University, Harvard Medical School, and Northwestern University.