Race & Gender Publications

Covering Crime in Washington, D.C.

January 1, 2006, 3:59 pm
By Kimberly Gross

A paper by Kimberly Gross, spring 2006 fellow, examines the nature of local television news coverage of crime and its effects on emotional response. Gross presents the results of a content analysis of two months of local television news coverage…

The Race Issue in Australia’s 2001 Election: A Creation of Politicians or the Press?

January 1, 2002, 4:17 pm
By Paul Kelly

A paper by Paul Kelly, spring 2002 fellow, tells the story of the Tampa, of Australia’s new and punitive refugee policy in 2001, of the reaction and role of the country’s leading newspapers to this event, and their complex connections….

The American Media and Race Relations in an Interdependent World: A Report on the Shorenstein Center Conference on Race and the Press

June 28, 2001, 12:00 pm

On June 28, 2001, the Shorenstein Center sponsored a conference in Washington, DC on race and the press. The objective of the conference was to examine the complicated entwining of race and media from both local and national perspectives. Former…

No Seat at the Table: The Black-White Appearance Gap in the Election 2000 Story

January 1, 2001, 4:35 pm
By Deborah Mathis

A paper by Deborah Mathis, fall 2000-spring 2001 fellow, examines racial diversity in the media coverage after the Bush-Gore election in 2000. Between November 7, when voters reported to the polls, and December 13, when Gore finally conceded to Bush,…

A Voyage Never Ended

January 1, 2000, 10:05 am
By Alexis Sinduhije

A paper by Alexis Sinduhije, fall 1997 fellow, explores the distance between African-Americans and Africans. Sinduhije asks: what do African-Americans know about Africa, and vice versa? What follows are the results of his search for that answer – and its…

Rainbow’s End: Public Support for Democracy in the New South Africa

January 1, 2000, 10:05 am
By Richard Morin

A paper by Richard Morin, fall 1999 fellow, considers South Africans’ sense of optimism and uncertainty regarding future democratic progress. Do they expect the transformation brought about by Nelson Mandela and Bishop Desmond Tutu to continue, or to pass into…

A Question of Relativity: The Role of the News Media in Shaping the View of Women in Asian Political Dynasties

January 1, 2000, 9:41 am
By Lynette Lithgow

A paper by Lynette Lithgow, spring 2000 fellow (deceased), attempts to explain why Asia has consistently produced more women heads of government than any other region in the world, despite a lack of empowerment for the ordinary Asian woman. This…

Talking Tough: Gender and Reported Speech in Campaign News Coverage

January 1, 2000, 9:19 am
By Elisabeth Gidengil and Joanna Everitt

A paper by Elisabeth Gidengil, spring 2000 fellow, and Joanna Everitt from the Department of History and Politics, University of New Brunswick – St. John, builds upon the concept of “gendered mediation” to argue that conventional news frames construct politics in…

Should American Journalism Make Us Americans?

January 1, 1999, 2:06 pm
By Jim Sleeper

A paper by Jim Sleeper, fall 1998 fellow, asks if by offering a bilingual product, newspapers are undermining a united sense of citizenship. The Miami Herald began producing a Spanish-language version of its paper to attract the growing population of…

Tensions of a Free Press: South Africa After Apartheid

January 1, 1999, 2:06 pm
By Sean Jacobs

A paper by Sean Jacobs, fall 1998 fellow, examines changes in South Africa’s news media in the 1990s. Television and radio, long dominated by the state, had a history of bias in favor of South Africa’s apartheid government. The first…